Vistamare / Vistamarestudio

The gallery focuses on contemporary positions and, at the same time, includes historical artists into its programme. Benedetta Spalletti is interested in the works of Italian and international avant- garde, showing artists such as: Mario Airò, Giovanni Anselmo, Getulio Alviani, Rosa Barba, Simone Berti, Pavel Büchler, Anna Franceschini, Linda Fregni Nagler, Bethan Huws, Mimmo Jodice, Joseph Kosuth, Armin Linke, Andrea Romano, Ettore Spalletti, Haim Steinbach, Jan Vercruysse. On March 2018 Benedetta Spalletti together with Lodovica Busiri Vici, opened a new gallery space in Milan - Vistamarestudio - with a solo exhibition by Tom Friedman followed by personal shows by Polys Peslikas, Rosa Barba and Public Movement.